September Newsletter 2019

September Newsletter 2019


Another summer has come and gone!  We are all really looking forward to another great year here in Boher N.S.

A few reminders for the year ahead.


Uniforms should be worn each day where possible! (We do understand those mornings that the breakfast hits the uniform!).

The PE uniform can be worn on Tuesdays and Fridays.  (GAA coaching commences this Friday, 13th September.)


Here in Boher N.S., as part of our Health Promoting Schools initiative we have a Healthy Eating Policy.  As part of this the children may bring a small treat once a week.

Staff Meeting

We will have a half day on Friday 27th September, this is to facilitate a staff meeting.  Children may be collected at 12 noon.

Mid-Term Break

We break for mid-term on Friday 25th October, school reopens Monday 4th November.

Head Lice

It has come to our attention that we have head lice in the school.   Head lice are common at this time of the year, I ask you for your cooperation in checking child’s hair and treating it if eggs or lice are found.

— admin