Q. What Time Does School Begin?

A. School begins at 9.20am. It is important that the children develop the habit of being punctual for school. Children who are in the yard prior to official assembly time are not the responsibility of any member of staff. For safety reasons pupils are expected to behave in the school yard. Pupils have no permission to ride their bicycles inside the school gate, they must wheel their bicycles round to the back of the school.


Q. What Time Does School Close?

A. Junior and Senior Infants Classes are dismissed at 2.00pm. Infants are not allowed to go home on their own unless this is specifically requested in writing by parents. Whoever collects your child from school should try to be at the school before dismissal time so as not to cause him / her unnecessary anxiety. The pupils in the other classes are dismissed at 3.00pm. Pupils are expected to leave the school grounds in an orderly fashion and to report home promptly. They are not to congregate around the pump, sit on the wall or on the pump–house roof while waiting for their parents.


Q. What is the Dress Code for the School?

A. The highest standard of personal appearance is expected at all times. Hair should be neat and tidy.

1) The school uniform (red jumper / cardigan, navy trousers / skirt / pinafore, white shirt / blouse is worn on all school days unless otherwise specified by the school. (School jumpers / cardigans are available are Walshe’s Moate). Pupils are expected to be neat and clean at all times.

2) A change of foot – wear is required for the classroom (in order to keep the carpets clean). These are not to be worn outside


Q. What is on the School Cirriculum?

A. The curriculum is presented in six subject areas, some of which are further sub – divided into subjects. These are Language (Gaeilge and English), Mathematics, Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (History, Geography and Science) Arts Education (Visual Arts, Music and Drama) and Social, Personal and Health Education


Q. How often is homework given?

A. Homework is given Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays but not usually on Fridays. There are two exceptions:

  • If homework has been neglected during the week
  • In senior classes some project work is undertaken at weekends.

Sometimes at the discretion of the class teacher or the principal, children are given “homework off” as a treat or as acknowledgement of some special occasion.

Please note extra homework may sometime be given during the week or at the weekend if a child has not done homework, made a suitable effort or presented untidy work.

Q. What are the Golden Rules of the School?

A. Our Golden Rules

1)   Be gentle – don’t hurt anybody

2)   Be kind and helpful – don’t hurt people’s feelings.

3)   Be honest – don’t cover up the truth

4)   Work hard – don’t waste time.

5)   Look after property – don’t waste or damage things.