February Newsletter 2022

Dear Parents,

A few dates for your diary!

  1. Staff Meeting Friday, 11th February
    We are having a staff meeting from 12.15 – 3.30 next Friday, 11th February. Children can be collected at 12pm.
  2. Staff Training Wednesday 23rd February
    We have to do a half day of training on the Primary Language Curriculum on Wednesday, 23rd February. Children can be collected at 12pm.
  3. Midterm Break
    No school on Thursday or Friday, 24th and 25th of February. Children will finish school at 12pm on Wednesday 23rd February.
  4. Parent/Teacher Meeting Tuesday, 1st March
    We are holding our parent/teacher meetings via phone call on Tuesday; 1st March from 1pm-4pm, we will have a time table prepared next week.
  5. St Patrick’s Weekend
    No school on Thursday 17th of Friday 18th March.
  6. Thank You
    A huge thank you to everyone that sent in rushes to help us make St Brigid’s Day crosses.
— admin