Health and Safety

Boher School wishes to promote a healthy lifestyle in the development of the children in the school. Accordingly, the following points are to be noted.

1)      Children who are ill should not be sent to school.

2)      Parents are asked that teachers be made aware of any physical disability or allergies which their child might have.

3)      Please check you child’s hair regularly for outbreaks of Head Lice. If there is an outbreak of head lice in a classroom, all parents of pupils in that classroom will be informed by note, and asked to take immediate action to treat infestation.

4)      Request to remain in the classroom at break times (other than wet days) should only be made in exceptional circumstances (limbs in plaster, recovering from / awaiting surgery). These requests must be brought to the attention of the class teacher.

5)      Boher School and its grounds is a designated non – smoking area.

6)      Teachers are not insured to administer medication to children. If vital medication is needed, through the school day, this must be brought to the attention of the Principal so that administration arrangements can be discussed.

(A Health and safety statement applies to all employees of Boher National School. The statement is available from the School Principal. Please give 2 days notice)