General Notes

1)      If parents wish their child to go home for lunch, a consent form is required. These forms may be obtained from the class teacher.

2)      In event of a pupil being absent through illness or for any other reason, the class teacher should be informed by note on the pupil’s return to school. If it is anticipated that the absence will be of a lengthy duration, the class teacher should be informed by note as soon as possible.

3)      When it is necessary for a pupil to leave school early, the class teacher must be notified by the parents / guardian. Parents/ guardians are asked to call personally to the classroom to collect the child. Any person collecting a child on behalf of the parent / guardian should present written authorisation with a telephone contact number.

4)      Children should have their names on their coats, uniform and other personal property such as school books, copies, lunch boxes etc.

5)      As the need arises, parents will receive notices with regard to school matters and events. Encourage your child to deliver notes immediately or check each evening at homework time to see it there is a note from the school.