Our Locality

Boher is a small rural area north of the Galway-Dublin road between Horseleap and Moate. It is within 24 kilometres of Mullingar, Athlone and Tullamore.

There are about 110 houses in Boher, which is part of the parish of Ballymore. There is the school, church, graveyard and a fine Community Hall in Boher. There is no shop and no pub but there are great people in Boher who make it a such a special place to live.

Boher is steeped in history. Boher comes from the Irish “bóthar” meaning road and appeared on a map for the first time in 1911 to name the local school!

One of Ireland’s most historic sites –Royal Uisneach is in our locality. St. Brigid resided in the area and St. Patrick’s Bed is at the highest point on Uisneach ( He is supposed to have slept there). There are remains of castles in Boher. Queen Maeve’s army camped on Clarehill during the Táin Bó Cuailgne. There are about 60 ringforts in Boher. A Mass rock still stands on the hill of Whitewood overlooking Boher.